Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) SmartPhone Edition – Stay Current, Collaborate, Sell More On the Move

Sales representatives will only use your mobile CRM solution if the application is easy to use and actually helps them to get their job done.
Oracle Fusion Smart Phone Edition focuses on the most relevant information that a field sales representatives requires and confirms to their work style. Rather than clicking and scrolling through lists of data from views inherited from a desktop application, Oracle Fusion Smart Phone Edition’s application is rich, yet simple task-focused interface allows a sales representatives to easily find relevant information at a glance and quickly complete important activities or look for required information with fewer clicks. This enables field Sales representative to have right information handy every time.
KEY FEATURES of Smart Phone Edition:
• task-focused user interface designed for mobile devices
• Contact and account management
• Calendar and contact integration
• Opportunity and lead management
• Maps, phone, and email integration
• Real-time analytics
• Support for BlackBerry® from Research In Motion (RIM)
• Support for iPhone® from Apple
• Support for Android® phone
KEY BENEFITS of Smart phone Edition:
• Manage key information in real time from your mobile device
• Increase productivity with contextual actions
• Save time with location aware information
• Understand your customers with real-time analytics
• Easy to configure
• Easy to use
• Extend and enhance investment in Fusion CRM.
Integrated contact, account, and calendar management capabilities within one easy-to-use interface enables field Sales representatives  to easily retrieve and update key customer information and manage appointments, tasks, and notes in real time, eliminating the administrative hassle and data quality issues associated with managing two separate data sources or manually entering and synchronizing information from a laptop at a later date.
What is new in Release 7?
Child Object Enhancement:
Using Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales, sales representatives can now create, view, and edit child objects related to leads from their mobile devices. The standard child objects for Lead include:
•Sales Team (view only)
This will help field sales representatives to capture the all the required related information in close to real time and get it available in the system.
Forecast Enhancement:

Using Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales, sales representatives can now view, edit, and submit current forecasts from their mobile devices to their Managers.


Sales Managers can view edit, reject his teams Forecast before approving it for Organization forecast roll up.

Add Photo to Contact:

Capturing photo and adding to Contact in Contact page feature is available from Release 7. Sales representatives can now capture photo from mobile camera or select photos directly from phone media gallery into the Contact detail page in Oracle Fusion Smartphone Edition application.

Contact Photo

Those photos are then visible on the contact record in all Oracle Sales Cloud mobile and desktop user interfaces, so all members of the sales team can easily identify the contact.

Android Support:

The most sought after feature of Oracle Fusion Smart Phone Edition in the market is made reality in Release 7 enhancement.

Mobile Sales users can now download Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales onto their Android smartphone and tablet devices version 4.0.2 and higher.

The Android version of Fusion Mobile Sales is compatible with Oracle Sales Cloud release 5, 6, and 7.

Mobile Analytics:

Mobile Analytics feature in Oracle Fusion SmartPhone Edition Release 7 has been enahanced. In the current release, both Standard and Custom reports are available on iPhone,Blackberry and Android devices.

Sales Representative can change the report  views and and apply report filters, which is another add-on feature introduced in Release 7.

Mobile Analytics Small

Fusion Tap:

Fusion Tap

Fusion Tap is a single specialized application for tablet devices app that recognizes all the security and access of your Fusion Applications implementation and most importantly it also works offline.
Users can now access Oracle Sales Cloud on their iPad using Fusion Tap.
Fusion Tap runs on the Apple iPad 2 and the third generation Apple iPad, using iOS 6+.
In the current Release (Rel 7) Fusion tap application provides both custom and standard reports when compared with previous release which had only standard reports were available.  Embedded Analytics is also supported as Dashboards.
Language Support:
The Language support for fusion mobile application has been extended to support 21 languages. The number of language support has been increased from 17 to 21 in current release (Release 7).
Language support
Bottom Line:
Fusion SmartPhone Edition provides immediate access to critical information – anytime, anywhere – and enables the sharing of business information to remove barriers to productivity and collaboration resulting in better customer insight to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase sales.

For any Feedback/ clarifications
Jai Krishnan
Lead Business consultant
CRMIT Solutions Bangalore

Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) Release 7 ‘FUSE’ – a New Face Introduced!

Oracle Fusion CRM provides an alternative set of simplified user interfaces called FUSE  for some selected standard objects.

Oracle Sales Cloud Homepage

These simplified pages are ideal for busy sales people who want a very streamlined and fast-loading experience when accessing core sales force automation tasks using their laptops or tablets.This is a simple, modern, productive way for users to complete their top quick-entry tasks.

The idea is to provide a clear, productive user experience that is backed by the full functionality of Fusion Applications.All Sales Cloud UIs serve the  common application infrastructure, including shared data, security and analytic capabilities.

The first release of the FUSE focuses on three types of users. It provides a fully functional gateway to Fusion Applications for:

  • New and casual users who need quick access to self-service tasks
  • Professional users who need fast access to quick-entry, high-volume tasks
  • Users who are looking for a way to quickly brand their portal for employee

it has been designed for any device — Mac, PC, iPad, Android, SmartBoard — in the browser. Implementation scope may choose to introduce the simplified UI or not, depending upon requirements.

There are no steps necessary to enable these enhancements. Simplified UI is available by default for all users with the Sales Administrator and Sales Representative roles. The simplified UI is accessed through a separate URL which gives you the choice of when to make it available to your sales force. Oracle communicates the new URL information to the administrators with the upgrade information.

Comparison of Simplified UI (Pages) and Desktop UI


When a sales rep needs to access more advanced features or more detailed information, they can easily navigate to the desktop UI by clicking items with double arrow icons.

The administrator can easily select a color theme, icon style, button shape, and logo to personalize the user experience from the Settings page.

Home Page:

Home page contains 2 sections, the left section will have company wide announcements for Sales Representative. Right side section in the home page will have icons which will allow Sales Representative to navigate to specific object in one click.

Object Home page:


When a Sales Representative navigates to Opportunity Object in FUSE page,  Sales Representative will see list of Opportunities filtered by Record Set (defaulted to My Opportunities) and filtered by date (filtered to current quarter). These new features  would allow Sales Representative to view fewer set of current working will add additional benefit to the users.

The bottom section of the page contains sales performance data, it shows the Sales Representatives target quota and the quota achieved till current date in the current quarter and previous quarters.

The Keyword search and Manage Sales Forecast link (Link to desktop UI) are available in right pane which allows Sales Representatives to seamlessly navigate to Desktop UI.

Detail Page:

Opportunity Detail Page

The Detail page of FUSE contains limited number of required fields to create record and capture the most required information for the Sales Representative.The page also contains the tabs on the left side to access the limited standard Objects which are most required for the Sales Representative to capture the most required information. Also the Action Menu in the top right corner will have limited actions available to be performed. For all other object specific actions Sales Representative has to navigate to desktop UI to capture all the detailed information and to perform other actions.

Seamless navigation to Desktop UI:

Navigation to Desktop UI

Sales representative accessing FUSE page in a separate url would be able to seamlessly connect to desktop UI.

Bottom Line:

FUSE pages are very intuitive and task focused pages with limited number of fields and actions, gives easy navigation and use for Sales Representative. The pages are so simple to the extent where no  help or training required to help Sales Representative to understand the application. FUSE will definitely help to save Sales Representatives effort in capturing the information and help in spending more time in field Sales.

For any Feedback/ clarifications
Jai Krishnan
Lead Business Consultant
CRMIT Solutions Bangalore